“Queen of Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Photography.”

I never met a carb I didn't like.

It's true. Even vegetables. Love 'em. Just not as much as I love pizza. Or potatoes. Or burgers. Or...

It's funny, I remember thinking 'I'll never be able to make a career in food photography alone.' This led me down a path of portraiture, fine art, and the dreaded weddings for years. It wasn't until 2017 when I had the opportunity to work in the food industry, and from there, it snowballed faster than I could have ever imagined.

Finding my niche in an untapped market in the Hudson Valley was a match made in heaven. I have an immense love for food (only eating it, don't ask me to cook), I love photography, and I absolutely LOVE the Hudson Valley. I've grown up here and have no plan to leave it anytime soon. Because of my strong love for my community, I focus on working with small local business owners who are the backbone of our towns & cities.

A fun fact about me? In 2012 for lent one year a friend of mine and I decided instead of giving something up, we'd learn, do, or see something new every day for those 40 days. I enjoyed it so much, I've been doing it every day since. Never stop learning, friends.

Why is it photographers never have pictures of themselves? One day I'll update these...

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“As newly emergent small business owners, we knew from the day that we registered our company, our sights were set exclusively on the Queen of Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Photography. We sought the professionalism that only a master of her craft can offer. Kim provided my partner and I with a deeply intimate professional experience, complimented by thought-provoking advice, tact, and a sense of calm. She honored our budget & created magic. We are excited to unveil our product, beautifully shot by Kimberly.”