Think about when you go out to eat. You sit down, start skimming the menu and then a server walks by with a dish that looks UNBELIEVABLE. That's it. That's what you're getting. Mind is made up and you don't even need to see the rest of the menu. Why? Because you just had a visual cue walk right by you and you ate with your eyes first.

THAT is exactly what professional images will do for your brand. Your audience associates professional, high quality images with professional, high quality products. Want to give them what they want, BEFORE they even step foot in your business? Piece of cake! (Literally and figuratively)


Food & Beverage

Whether you're new or well established; a restaurant, deli, or bakery, or anything in between, you deserve professional images for your website, social media, menus, and more.

Starting at $550


Showcasing your products in the most professional of ways will help sell your items tenfold. Customers want to spend their money wisely, so be sure to show them the quality of your items in professional images.

Starting at $300


How can you expect to sell your services or items without showing and telling people who you are? It's important to connect with your customers on many levels. Let's incorporate you and your team.

Starting at $550

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a full-time job, one that's becoming more and more specialized as it's growing. Gain more time to invest in other parts of your business and let us manage your social media platforms to gain organic results you want to see.

Starting at $750 a month

Brands I've Worked With



“As newly emergent small business owners, we knew from the day that we registered our company, our sights were set exclusively on the Queen of Hudson Valley Food & Beverage Photography. We sought the professionalism that only a master of her craft can offer. Kim provided my partner and I with a deeply intimate professional experience, complimented by thought-provoking advice, tact, and a sense of calm. She honored our budget & created magic. We are excited to unveil our product, beautifully shot by Kimberly.”


Do you only work with the food industry?

The food & beverage industry is my focus, but I work with all industries! I've worked with the service industry, wedding industry professionals, retailers and more.

What happens to all the food you shoot?

I try to be as waste-free as possible! I encourage shooting on days that make sense for you and your business. For instance, say we're shooting a new menu, I would suggest we do it on a day that you have your team there so they get to taste each dish after we shoot. Them tasting each dish helps them sell the items better and even pair cocktails!

How far do you travel?

I pride myself on working with locally based Hudson Valley small businesses. So if you're in the Hudson Valley region of New York, LET'S DO THIS! If you're outside of my area, shoot me an email and let's chat. I'm always open to new opportunities.

Do you work with specific budgets?

I try to accommodate every business that comes my way because I don't believe professional photography needs to cost an arm and a leg. Send me an email and let's chat!

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